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How to Login

There is no self-registration with SurveyMaster360. This keeps the data secure and means that raters and participants only get access through a secure login. User access is managed by administrators through either manual entry or automatic user file upload. Access to the site is through the URL:

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Filling in a survey

Once you have been invited to complete a survey you will find a list of available questionnaires in your Profile window.

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Designing a survey

The instrument used in a 360 degree feedback process needs to describe the behaviours which relate to actual job performance. It also needs to be a reliable measurement tool.

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Rating Scales

A 360 degree questionnaire is mostly made up of Likert rating scales. It is a personal preference whether you use an even number of labels; in which case, there is no mid-point; or an odd-numbered system where there is a mid-point. SurveyMaster360 can handle both.

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Importing participants

Participants of a 360 degree feedback process are best loaded into SurveyMaster360 via a CSV file. The CSV file must be formatted in a specific way for it to be processed correctly by the software.

Prior to participant import, the organisation’s hierarchy will have been assigned in SurveyMaster 360.

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Data Security

Confidentiality is an essential consideration in 360 degree feedback process. Raters often fear exposure and retribution if their ratings are disclosed. Therefore if the confidentiality of the process is not perceived by raters, their willingness to provide a frank assessment of the subject is compromised and the value of the feedback received is distorted.

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