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A 360 degree feedback process is a sensitive and complex undertaking. Project management needs to be incorporated into every aspect of the process.

Let’s outline in more detail the approach we take when implementing a 360 degree feedback program.


Project Scoping

This initial phase is often reached after contract negotiation or a tender process, and some of the scoping may have already been undertaken. However, it is essential to engage in stakeholder planning to ensure that the project is completed in a manner that delivers on the project’s objectives.

In this phase, we need to gain an in-depth understanding of the organisation’s culture, values and leadership environment. A key outcome is the written project plan.



A review of in-use competency frameworks and an analysis of current and future behaviours required for success begin phase two. The goal of the Design phase is to draft, verify and test the online survey form and its scope. While it is tempting to take the opportunity to ask a range of questions, consideration of the time it takes to complete the survey should be of paramount concern. In many cases, raters will be completing a number of questionnaires in various roles.



Communication is a key component of the project and contributes greatly to its success or otherwise. There are a number of elements to this phase:

  • Communications plan
  • Organisation-wide communications
  • FAQ’s
  • Participant briefing pack
  • Rater briefing pack
  • Briefing session (optional)
  • Feedback/help contact arrangements


Survey Distribution

Having piloted the questionnaire successfully and gathered the subjects and raters, it is time to launch the 360 degree survey. The organisation provides a CSV file of the participants of the process. This file is verified against the organisation hierarchy and uploaded into the software platform.

SurveyMaster 360 will automatically email subjects and raters with their invitation to participate. The online system is open to receive responses that are sent directly to its secure database. This ensures complete independence and confidentiality.



The software platform will collate each subject’s results and prepare the report. This report will provide a personal summary of results for each attribute/set of behaviours and will be presented in a graphical format. The graph for each attribute/set of behaviours will show the participant score and their raters average. Ratings will also be averaged for categories of questions if the survey was structured in such a way.


Individual Feedback

Participants will receive their feedback report the day before their individual feedback session.  Face-to-face, telephone or video briefing sessions will be held between each participant and a feedback consultant. The feedback session will be conducted in a sensitive and developmental manner. A coaching style will be used to stimulate discussion on key issues arising from the results and an action plan template provided to highlight improvement and career strategies.


Group Reports (Optional)

In this final phase, we will provide objective group feedback for defined parts of the organisation’s structure and for the organisation as a whole. The summary report will cover:

  • organisation wide report
  • interventions to deal with the issues uncovered
  • recommendations for future use of 360 degree feedback
  • project lessons

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