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SurveyMaster is a trademark of Practice Framework Pty Ltd. Its consulting arm, Practice Five P/L, serves private enterprise, governments, non-government organisations, and not-for-profits to develop leadership talent and renew organisational success.

The Practice Five framework has a two-tier structure and outlines 12 practice aspects that contribute to excellence. The first eight practice aspects (covered by the acronym PRACTICE) are focused on personal practice. Developing in those eight aspects will vastly improve the performance of people in their current role and will orient them towards leadership. The second set of four practice aspects (covered by the acronym FIVE) provide a basis for developing excellence in leadership.

Our Approach

Professionally managed, 360 degree feedback increases individual self-awareness, and as part of a strategic organisational process can promote:

  • Increased understanding of the behaviours required to improve organisational effectiveness
  • More focused development activities, built around the skills and competencies necessary for successful individual and organisational performance
  • Increased involvement of people at all levels of the organisation
  • Increased individual ownership for self-development and learning
  • Increased familiarity with the implications of cultural or strategic change

Meet the Team


Dr Paul Gibney


Doctor Paul Gibney is a social worker, psychotherapist, corporate trainer, family therapist and executive coach. Paul’s insight into human behaviour and leadership effectiveness makes him a highly sought-after consultant.

Paul has presented well over two hundred highly acclaimed workshops on leadership, professional supervision, working in teams, a framework for practice and casework.


Ken Dagley


Ken Dagley is an experienced human resources executive and organisational change expert. He has formal qualifications in Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour and Change. He has worked successfully in Federal, State and private organisations as well as in academia for the Australian Graduate School of Management and RMIT University. He has over 20 years of management consulting experience and was the founder of the Australia Customer Service Association.

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