Our Approach

Our executive coaches provide organisational coaching for individuals, teams and across organisations ensuring a fully supported environment to increase the motivation and professional development of your people.
Our strengths-based approach to coaching is founded on the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology. Our aim is to enhance the quality of insights into impact and organisational effectiveness.

Linked strongly with our leadership development services, our coaches understand the pressures, expectations and challenges your people face, and they have strategies that can help them in achieving success.

Our360-degree feedback coaches take time to know the framework or model on which a particular assessment is based. They explain and discuss the data presentation displays, numeric scales, normative comparisons, formats of the responses to open-ended questions and other aspects of the feedback report. Clarifying normative data sources and discussing how a leader’s data compares to a normative group typically offers new perspectives on leadership. Leaders often make valuable self-awareness shifts when they compare themselves to others.


Individual Feedback

Participants will receive their feedback report the day before their individual feedback session.  Face-to-face, telephone or video briefing sessions will be held between each participant and a feedback consultant. The feedback session will be conducted in a sensitive and developmental manner. A coaching style will be used to stimulate discussion on key issues arising from the results and an action plan template provided to highlight improvement and career strategies.

An action plan will be developed with the participant that will focus on strategies to improve their leadership and their performance outcomes.

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