360 Reports


360 Degree Survey Reports

The type of reports you can produce from the software is determined largely by the questions and scale types that you use.


Various graphs, tables and text are reproduced to provide detailed and insightful feedback. Below are some examples of the components of an individual 360 degree report.

Getting the most out of the report

While the 360 degree feedback reports are intelligible in their own right, the support of an experienced coach helps the participant receive, interpret and understand the results and the nuances of rating scales, tables and comments. A 360 degree coach has interpreted countless reports and understands where the emphasis should be placed. The coach provides a balanced and unbiased interpretation of the feedback and encourages the participant to take ownership of the feedback and of their own development.


Alternatively, group sessions can be conducted to provide guidance on how to interpret the report and undertake action planning.

Group reports

SurveyMaster 360 can produce reports that group and collate demographic and or workgroup data into larger collectives. Whole of organisation, division, branch, State, region etc. can be provided as an insight into organisation culture, leadership strength or development needs.


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